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I’m practicing something new! I’m eating more vegetarian meals on a much more regular basis (go vegetables!) and although it has been a slow process of reorienting my body around what it means to feel full or satisfied, it has been a really good journey.

This past week I’ve been eating more vegetarian meals and have realized that I actually feel better. I’m not perfect, and I still opt for beef jerky sometimes, but I think that it is okay to make a transition on your own terms – something that works for you.

It also helps when you can have incredibly flavorful salads, or even make amazing meals like this sweet potato chickpea spinach coconut curry recipe from the Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook. I actually find that I have a hard time finding recipes online for vegetarian food, what are some good food blogs to follow? Let me know what you use!

building community over food

I grew up in a pretty large Southeast Asian family, where everyone lives no further than an hour away from one another. Growing up we always had huge family events with dozens and dozens of cousins running around and playing while our parents chatted. People would tell us it was time to leave, and get stuck in more compelling conversation (so we learned early on that the first 3 times your parents say it is time to leave… it isn’t).

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mile high city, and abstract art

Happy almost holidays people! Christmas is probably my favorite holiday because I love twinkly lights, good food, and spending time with my family and friends. I’m sure there is a lot more that is compelling, but for me a few twinkly lights really do the trick.

This year my gift to my partner, Isaac, was a trip to Denver, Colorado. The last time I was there was for a high school social justice conference, so this time around I was able to experience a lot more.

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