diy paella

I’ve been really craving seafood lately, so of course– the way to resolution? Scour the internet for paella recipes and try the one with 2,000 likes.

I’ve never made paella before, and until now I thought it was a dish that you could only really order out. I feel that way about a lot of different dishes, but I’m trying this new thing where I go for it (cooking wise) and hope it doesn’t taste terrible. I probably should do this in more aspects of my life, but that is another type of blog post.

After a lot of internal debate on a Saturday night, and begging my partner to eat at least a little paella (seafood isn’t always his favorite) we made it!¬†And I’m so freaking glad I did because it was not only delicious, but fairly easy to cook. We whipped out a big old cast iron skillet, and dumped in chorizo, chicken, and a whole lotta seafood. This was our finished product! P.s. my partner really liked it, and had two bowls! SUCCESS!

What is a food that you order at restaurants, but would love to try making at home?

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