dear laiseng, love big sur

Dear Laiseng,

Remember me? I hope you haven’t forgotten the way I smell like the ocean, leaving a little salt on your tongue. Or the sound of waves crashing again and again with persistence, and a sense of familiarity. Don’t you miss waking up to dew drops in your hair? It’s like we were entangled within one another, and I don’t remember where I stopped and you began.

If you don’t remember any of that, at least remember how you felt when you closed your eyes– sitting on that rock on the edge of the coast, and what it meant to just be. A feeling where you are exactly where you are supposed to be. That, is what I want you to remember and hold onto. How easy it is for us to live in the darkness of the past, and how easy it is for us to run ourselves ragged towards the promise of the future. Be you, live with a sense of aliveness, and cherish every single moment because there is so much light in you already.

Do you want to know one thing I’ve learned? And you might not believe me when I say it, but I didn’t know which high tides would create beautiful sand beaches, and storms would create the beginnings for the grooves of majestic waterfalls, and which tragedies would create the shapes and contours of the Earth. Even when we face brutal uncertainty and fear, I hope you’ll take faith that there can be beautiful wonders of the world just beyond the horizon.

Be resilient like the waves, and trees. You are an ever-evolving journey.

With so much tender love,
Big Sur


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